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2011 Holden Captiva 5 (FWD) Review

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I have a 2011 Captiva 5, 2.4L 6 Speed manual which has done close to 37k without so much of a squeak. On the highway recently I achieved 8.7l/100km inline with Holden's claim.
Whilst its console and sound system technology are slightly dated the price paid more than makes up for it. In any case it not hard to buy an after market in console sound/GPS system for this car.

The shape of the car is current and fits well alonogside its stablemates as far as aesthetics is concerned. Servicing is capped at $275 every 15k or annually. I paid 28k drive away for my Captiva and I am very happy with the car. The 2.4L Petrol manual is the pick of the bunch, no recalls, no drive-line issues and certainly keeps up to the diesels regarding fuel consumption. Many reviews talk about the Holden Captiva but fail to mention WHICH model. When writing their reviews they bang on about reliability but fail to mention that the diesel and the V6 petrol are the craptivas not the 2.4L petrol, its a gem.
The 2.4L Petrol is definitely the most reliable and best value for money in its class.
I intend to buy a caravan and tow it with this vehicle in the coming months. I expect fuel efficiency will go up to about 16 - 18L /100KM. Although I have the manual and it is suggested that you tow using an auto I will test it and see how I go and report back here in 6 months time. Watch this space :)