Great Wall x240 2011 (4x4)
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2011 Great Wall X240 (4x4) review

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As a researcher of the usual overpriced cars on the market, I came across an article on the Great Wall in 2013. Subsequently, I bought a 2011 X240 4WD wagon with 40,000km on the clock and a year warranty left on it for $11,000.

It's now seven years old and it has been a bloody gem. I've replaced the windscreen wipers, had some light issues, but otherwise it's paid for itself time after time. I do a lot of driving, from the mid-north coast of NSW to the south coast every second week, and 4WDing on beaches and dirt roads that smash cars. My car keeps going through every dune and deep mud.

An absolute gem – not the most powerful, not the most beautiful, but a bloody Trojan. And good fuel efficiency too, even with the petrol prices. This car is easy to get aftermarket parts for, and its running gear is easily accessible. It's not the most clever car, it's not the most beautiful car, it's not the toughest car, but it will keep you going on the move when other cars are impossible in the outback and deserts of Australia.

The fact that people dislike the Great Wall makes it more affordable and accessible. I've cashed in on people's innate racism for Chinese cars, and it's been awesome. The bottom line is the manufacturing of these cars is top-line – China has a manufacturing capacity that Australia does not. This gives it the edge and it's affordable for most people, even when you are not in a great financial position.

It's a practical and affordable car for people who like to go off-road. It's trustworthy and dependable whatever the conditions are, and it's a safe car with good handling on city roads. There's lots of negativity around Great Walls, with much of it based on inherent racism and the bull-headedness of Australian people to accept a car outside their main frame of knowledge.

This car has been an absolute beauty for me, and I'm happy to plug it and explain my point of view. I know the model before mine had issues with its electrics and clutch, but mine has not. It's got the reverse camera, leather seats, easy seat controls, a heater and air-conditioner to die for, Bluetooth – all the stuff, and it's reliable and economical as well.