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2011 Ford Ranger XLT 3.2 Review

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My PX Ranger, purchased September 2011 has given almost perfect service. It has now travelled 85000 km with two trips from W.A. to Qld towing a 2.7 tonne caravan.

Service costs each 15000 km are about $300.and the only warranty work done was a recall for trans coolant hose re-routing. No complaints at all with our local Ford service.

The height adjustment for drivers seat was prone to slipping down but I have pinned that at my preferred height with a tec screw through the steel seat frame.

Changed the auto trans fluid at 60,000 km as a precaution and it was clean and had no sign of band gunk etc.

The 3.2 motor certainly does not rev out but provides all the power you really want at under 3000 revs.

Economy has been very acceptable. From 8 to 10 litres 100 km when not towing, the lower figure easy to attain on long trips. Towing at 90 to 100 Kph returned 14.5 litres 100 km over a trip of 10,000 km. I feel that is excellent.

I have fitted another 75 litre plastic diesel tank inside the canopy, mounted at the front and plumbed into the filler pipe and fitted with a tap.

This works fine and is easily swapped to my next Ranger!

The original Dunlop tyres did 40,000 km, when I fitted Toyo's. After another 45,000 km they are half worn, quiet and comfortable. AND cheap. $200 each fitted at Tyrepower.

The blue tooth connectivity is excellent, almost equal to that on my Bimmer 5 series.

Screen size is a bit small and would be good to have a reversing camera as well as the sensors .

I fitted higher wattage globes to headlights with good results.

Hard to find anything to complain about and you can be sure another Ranger will replace this one when the time comes.