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My Ford Fiesta Zetec Sedan - yes, sedan (officially it's sold only as a hatch - has the looks and economy that you would want from a car in the light class.

How many cars actually achieve ADR/81 figures? This one does! The punchy yet economical 1.6-litre engine is plentiful for those wanting to get from A to B, and it handles surprisingly well, even through corners, with the Zetec's standard sports suspension.

The boot scores a big tick for its size, easily swallowing the shopping and moving boxes. Oh and dad's golf clubs! I'd have to say, it's almost as big as a car in the next size class, such as Ford's Focus; I'm yet to see a light sedan match it for space.

Now for the all important interior. The hard plastics can scratch easily - parents take note - and you can sometimes be distracted by slight engine noise when you push hard, which unfortunately shows a degree of cost saving in NVH levels on Ford's behalf.

The top range Zetec has most of the bells and whistles expected from, for now, the top of the range model.

Bluetooth, Cruise, 16 inch alloys, 6 speaker Audio, Sports Seats; which are amongst the comfiest I'm ever sat in, in a small car.

But where's the Sony audio or sat nav option seen in euro spec cars, or a front console/center armrest; for when you're constantly trying a place to rest your left arm when cruising.

PS Ford, people want deeper cup holders!

Overall I'd have to rate the Fiesta Zetec 4 out of 5 stars.

Whilst being amongst the best in class, there are a few omissions that Ford need to address in the next model update to keep this car ahead of the game.