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2011 Ford Falcon XR6 Review

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I bought my FG MK1 XR6 with 33###km on it for just over $19900. Ive had the car for about 3weeks and so far im loving it. The cars smooth handling and comfortable drive is what I was looking for and this car has gone beyond my expectations.

The only downfall I have had is being disappointed in the lack of bluetooth music capabilities that the FG XR6 MK2 has. While still being able to use an AUX cord is good there is a wirring noise through the speakers when plugged in. Being an automatic the gear change is smooth and when changed into sports performance mode, it handles at its finest.

It has a quick speed pick up when foot is planted and you get thrown into your seat which is what is expected with its 195Kw of pure power and 291Nm of torque. I have also noticed it clocks at top speed of 205km/h which is a tad disappointing seeing as its a "sports car" but it handles very well on the road at such speed. Town driving I see a huge fall in fuel economy with average of 12L/100km but out on open road it shows how fuel efficient it really is using roughly 9.8L/100km.

Sound system is great with decent bass through the speakers and the overall space and comfort is as expected with its huge boot and loads of leg room in the front and back with seats that you mould into. Overall smooth easy car to drive.