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2010 Toyota Aurion Presara Review

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I've owned the the 2010 Toyota Aurion Presara for 6 months now and with 80,000km it's still like brand new.

The Aurion is one of the most underrated car on the market as this car is very good and also very luxurious. The leather upholstery is of good quality, the seats are padded generously, the roof and sun visor lining is of very nice, soft and supple material and the instrument cluster is pure awesomeness.

The exterior styling is also very nice with a timeless and elegant design with neat LED tail lamps that completes the look.

With the key fob in your pocket you walk up to the car, and as soon as you touch the door handles the doors all unlock.

Push the start button and the engine fires up with virtually no vibration. The 3.5L V6 is of the utmost silky smooth refined motor in the world, Toyota did a splendid job with this drivetrain.

This car is seriously fast, the speed builds up seamlessly and smoothly. As soon as your foot presses on the accelerator pedal, the Aurion pulls with force.

And the power is always smooth. The delivery of power is seamless and extremely linear, there is absolutely no abruption in power delivery.
Which is in great contrast to my other vehicle which is a golf that has very abrupt power delivery making it a hard vehicle to drive.

The 6-speed Auto is smooth, fast and decisive, doing its job without any dramas.

One area where the Aurion has issues is traction during heavy acceleration and as a result the traction control system kicks in quite often when you apply over 30% of throttle from stop or in wet conditions. I'd say this is also due to small tyres, as they are just too small for this much power.

For this much power the fuel consumption is actually excellent, right now my average is 8.8L/100km with mixed city & highway.
But if you drive with the aircon expect to see over 10L/100km

Overall I'm extremely happy with the Aurion and driving it has been a real pleasure.