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2010 Subaru Impreza Review

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I have owned my wrx for a few months now and has been a great car. probly the best car i have owned. Its so easy to drive and the power and response from factory is amazing. the only things that i have noticed is that the air con gave way at 75,000 and the subwoofer has given out. other then that the car has been great! Love the colour and has excellent traction with only a slight tendancy to understeer. The dash and cluster is easy to read and the gearbox is tight with only a short throw. is deffinately a great bang for buck car. The only bad points are the visibility and blind spots with the rear view mirror being some what in the centre of the windscreen. The suspension is niceand stiff but also very comfortable. The exterior is great and the standard exhaust pts out a decent note. The only thing i dont like about the styling is that it feels to me like there is something missing from the back... the front is very aggressive but the back end seems very tame and bulky... Maybe colour coding that silver strip or removing the factory spoiler would be ideal. I dont thint the car benifits from the small duck tail spoiler it has from factory. The sti wing is very attractive but i think it would limit visibility out the back window. I will be upgrading to a full stainless system and some aftermarket height adjustable coil overs and i think with different wheels it will look mint :)