Owner Review


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I needed a city car with plenty of room in the back. I also wanted constant 4 wheel drive for when I get out of town and when the roads are wet.

I chose the Forester XT Premium over the Tiguan and the Freelander. I felt I got better value for money with the premium version of a very good car.

The turbo is effective and the engine gives out 169KW which is heaps for city driving and more than adequate for overtaking on highways.

I have found myself a little annoyed at times at the way the 4 speed gearbox behaves. It feels like it is missing a ratio between 1st and 2nd.

Internally the sat nav has been handy and the leather seats are comfortable.

I understand it was the best selling compact SUV in 2011 and this makes sense to me. I have been very happy with it.