Owner Review

2010 NISSAN 370Z

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I simply love my 370Z Roadster and this latest Nissan Z car has definitely been a refreshing leap forward in the sports car market.

With its rear wheel drive, 245 kw engine and masculine looks with its flared arches, makes this car an eye catching one.

Its dive is on the firm side but as sports cars go, it is still able to soak up those B road bumps.

Fit and finish on this car is high class with soft touch plastics and lavishes of leather everywhere else. Feature wise it has all the latest mod cons including sat nav, keyless entry, 19 inch forged alloys and xenon lights. Comparing this to other sports cars in the segment clearly shows how value packed this Nissan really is. Other car manufacturers charge a fortune for these features and its one of the reasons why i was drawn to the Nissan because it included everything i wanted for a reasonable price.

One of the key innovative features I love and a first for a manual production car is what Nissan calls Synchro Rev Control. What this essentially does is that when the clutch is depressed the throttle is automatically ‘blipped’ which ensures perfect rev matching when changing gears, delivering perfect ‘heal and toe’ changes every time.

The only negatives I can comment on is that for a sports car the exhaust note is quite dull and the car really needs to be moving before you can hear that engine growl.

Also the roof operation on the car is a bit clunky in the way it folds away but once it's down there are very little cars this side of 100k that look as good as the 370Z.