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2010 Mitsubishi Pajero Gl LWB Review

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I am no professional when it comes to assessing vehicles but I have driven and owned a few four wheel drives (over 50 years. International Scout, Willys Jeep, Landrover and a Toyota 100 series).

I purchased the Pajero based on its reliability and performance based on Dakar Rally reviews. Twelve Dakar wins is not something to be sneezed at.

No other vehicle has come close to such an achievement. Not one Toyota nor Nissan or any other top of the range 4x4 has touched the achievements of the Pajero; yet I note that popular magazines sponsored by these nondescripts get the syrupy sycophantic write-ups on internationally unproven tests and performance.

Makes me wonder if you guys are international authorities on 4x4s! I was interested in a MAN vehicle. So what if it is slightly noisy and hasn't had a makeover in 10 or 20 years! It is a thoroughbred my friends and I just love driving the bloody thing.

It can do anything your nags do! So stop sucking up to the manufacturers who maybe sponsor your rag and tell it like it is or, better still do up one of your Nissans and a Toyota and enter it in the bloody Dakar .... and then you will have something genuine to talk about!

Sure , opinions vary but the Internet is an international source of information and knowledge and, those who blindly follow only some Aussie commentators and so-called vehicle experts do themselves a huge disservice by not reading international reviews on all vehicles before making their vehicle purchase.