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My experience with Mitsubishi Outlander in Australia!
I have a 2010 Outlander which was a great car till recently. In May, my engine stopped without any warning in exit ramp of a freeway. After I restarted the car the check engine light came on and the engine had erratic behaviour when ideal or in drive when stopped. The car was still under warranty. So I took it to Mitsubishi for service. I took the car 5 times for the same problem without it being fixed. They had the car for a month in June and it only took 5 minutes for the check engine light to come back on once I got it back.
They had the car from 10th of July and still not fixed (MORE THAN 4 MONTH IN TOTAL). They refuse to give me any updates on the progress and since we do not have Lemon Law in Australia they don’t even respond to my request for refund. They refuse to let me contact Mitsubishi Motors Australia MD.
Worst customer service ever. Can’t be more disappointed. Would never buy a Mitsubishi again, would tell everyone about my experience because what they are doing is just unfair. They are abusing lack of customer protection in Australian law.