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2010 Mitsubishi Outlander RX Review

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Have had the car since new.Fantastic car to drive on the highway at speed. Car has a much better fuel consumption at a speed deemed to dangerous (135 - 150) the torque and rev range is not suited for our highways engine and trans suited for Europe and usa decent long smoth highways.

Other wise it drinks just as much fuel as my 2005 Holden ra rodeo 3.5 . The engine is under powered at low revs. The paint on the car is extreamly poor . Interior room of the car is fantastic lots of leg room for adults in the front and the back seats Should be used as a taxi car instead easy to get in and out of lots of room for passengers and room for lugidge but to thirsty.

Seriously thinking of turbo charging the engine or super charger only prob that stupid CVT trans would s*#t its self. Very expensive fix as well. the car would be absolutely worthless , that concoction of a trans is almost worth more than the car it's self (please don't breack )

Rant rant wish I spent the extra money on the vrx with the v6 engine and the leather trim with the Bose stereo but $30000 dollars more what the hell? Aussies gettin ripped of once again ship the models that the rest of the world doesn't by to Australia put a higher price tag on them and push the sale on to the consumers dished.