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2010 Mazda 3 Sp25 Review

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Bought Max 3 sp25 two weeks ago downsized from Territory. Absolutely noticed how economic it is. Looks sporty and gets people's attention. Love all the dash and inbuilt sat nav. Find everything is easy to use and set up. Hatch area is generous could use another light in side wall.

Rear passenger area is tighter than expected and only comfortable for two passengers. Coming from a much larger vehicle notice the leg room a lot as I still have a child in a car seat the leg room is an issue. Love all the safety features and how easy it is the manovor into parking spaces.

The drive is quiet the seats are comfortable like all the compartments and cup holder. Accessibility of the charger dock in front of auto shifter and consol are awkward. Glove box roomy. Overhead vanity lights great. The front veiw is sporty. Ours is electric blue and draws plenty of attention. The parking sensors or good but still getting used to all the beeps that happen.

Like the reverse senior especially getting used to a new car. Setting up Bluetooth for my first time was easy and loved that I was communicating with the car. The dash display colour is easy on the eye day and night also. Electric window setup on drivers door is a great feature and easy to use.

And fold in mirrors with the indicators built-in adds to the sleekness of the car. Overall love the car and the choice I made for myself and my two little people. Would recommend to anyone.