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2010 Land Rover Freelander 2 Se Td4 Review

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This car has been a warranty and non-warranty disaster for us. Failed differential, periodic electrical failure, huge service expenses including $450 for a new battery, scrubbing out of tyres, air-bag warning-light problems, and finally a failed power steering unit - $2000. All under 150k kls. You do the maths.

While the car cruises well on the open road and is comfortable in the suburbs it bleeds you for expenses and causes anxiety as elements fail.

Landrover quite rightly repaired all warranty failures, but this is little satisfaction when buying an ostensibly quality car at a substantial price. But out of warranty it is an economic nightmare. For the car to become operationally redundant within 150 k kls is appalling given that it is a diesel.

The potential of this car is enormous but the reliability lets it down. The engine is quite adequate for open road driving and the need for 'kick-down' power in tricky situations. Visibility is also a great feature, often lacking in cars we have evaluated as a replacement. The closest we have seen are the Skoda Yeti and the Volvo equivalent. Road holding has been a good experience especially with the ability to exploit four wheel features in adverse conditions. Similarly the large capacity and easily organised storage is a bonus. Being retired this type of accommodation is important to us. We found the fuel efficiency to be quite satisfactory. This is a great concept for the mature retired couple wanting road stability and comfort.

But be wary of the fact that you will absorb substantial expenses on the way.