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2010 Holden Epica CDX Review

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Owned my car 4 years & 45,000kms from new & I'm very happy with it. The Epica has been totally reliable & has never let me down, starting first time every time. I'm used to its "quirks" & enjoy long drives on the freeways & open country roads where the diesel engine comes into its own - ticking over at around 17-1800rpm at 110kph.

The car is very economical averaging in the low 7's lts/100kms, though I don't drive in heavy traffic or use it for commuting. I find it to be a practical car that's comfortable & with plenty of room. It doesn't have the latest technology but I don't miss that & prefer a car that's simpler & more robust in design with less to go wrong!

The steering wheel adjust for reach & height & has easy to use cruise & sound system controls on it. The drivers seat is also multi adjustable & even with the seat in the furthest back position there's still adequate leg room for the back seat passengers. Passenger comfort is very good & I have had several positive comments from passengers on the comfort & space.

The split fold rear seat is a boon though the bulkhead cuts down the width a bit. The boot is huge & has a flat floor. A couple of mild gripes - it doesn't have a drivers left foot rest but I've adjusted to that omission, the drivers side mirror doesn't swing out far enough but I think that's a carry over from the left hand drive design, & the air conditioner button is a little to far away & down to be within easy finger reach.

They're minor gripes overall considering what the Epica offers overall & with its proven durability & reliability.