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2010 Holden Captiva Lx (4x4) Review

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The Holden Captiva is the worst SUV you can buy in terms of reliability. I have had around $12,000 worth of warranty repairs with this vehicle and it continues to fall apart. Anything from drivers seats, to seatbelt's, to lower control arms and more.

You pay for what you get, and the captiva is no exception as a value for money proposition, its reliability continues very poorly.

The pros are its size, its not a big car for what it is. Its high driving position. Its infotainment isn't bad, and the USB and SD card inputs are good.

The cons are the engine is too small for this car, it struggles off the line, struggles to find the right gear, and is very thirsty on fuel. To reach peak power, you have to red line it which is in excusable. The Air Conditioner struggles on hot days even being parked undercover. The Leather seats don't every feel like real leather, and are the poorest quality. There's no rear air vents especially when its a seven seater, and the seven seat room is poor, taking up the whole boot even leaving no rear storage and still lacking space.

There is a lot to improve on in future models and its too much to improve on. Holden needs to completely replace this vehicle with a better car all over as the current is a lemon in every area. Not just coming from me, but ask every owner and industry expert honestly. This was a regretful buy. My advice don't buy any south Korean holden's.