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2010 Holden Caprice Review

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The Holden WM Caprice is one of the few cars I have driven that have been so well rounded it's hard to beat it on its very strong merits. I have been a long time owner of the long wheel base Holdens and the WM not only beats the previous model by a mile but makes more expensive cars look rather overpriced, this is not to say the previous generation was bad it too was a very competent car to drive.

From the bold road presence to the comfortable interior the Caprice delivers a high level of luxury to its occupance and rewards the driver with playful on road dynamics and fantastic response from the engine and transmission, you will be hard pressed to not be delighted with the performance of the Caprice especially in the V8 spec. The Caprice is a breeze to maintain as spare parts are easy to find and reasonable on price, servicing is great value and they are just as reliable as a Swiss watch.

While the Caprice has many good points it is however not without its little glitches. The V8 can be thirsty when it's driven around town and speaking of driving around town, finding a car park that can fully fit the Caprice's length will be interesting. Another annoying feature of the Caprice which shares this with the VE Commodore is the stupid handbrake. While it works it's not what you call.....user friendly. It's clumsy, tacky and pinches your hand from time to time.

Thank god they ditched it in the new WN series. The thick A pillars hide everything from pedestrians to other cars at low speeds. Thank goodness the Caprice is fitted with good brakes!

If you can ignore these bad points the Caprice will be a wonderful car to own and will reward the driver and the passengers with a high level of luxury and driving enjoyment. Not many cars can do this without costing well into mortgage bending territory