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I decided to upgrade my 2007 Yaris with 175,000km in the dial. I'd pretty much decided to trade it in for a later model Corolla ... Until I drove the beautiful little bright blue 2010 Fiesta Zetec at the local Ford dealer's yard. I'm 38 and have had a car every couple of years since I was 17. I've also driven a variety of other company cars and hire cars ...

... this one is my favorite (except maybe for my '69 mini but the mini didn't have cruise control and air conditioning lol). This car feels like quality. Some little hatches feel like tin boxes lined with tupperware. This one does not. It's tight and solid and everything fits together nicely.

It drives like it's on rails. Very direct and flat around corners, none of the sloppiness of the Yaris. The seats are firm and supportive. A note for taller people, I am tall and have the seat all the way back on most cars, this one if I put the seat all the way back I can't reach the pedals. Plenty of room.

I bought the 5 speed manual, I think automatics are for my grandparents (who are dead). I travel up the freeway here from town, about 5km of fairly steep uphill. My Yaris used to scream along in 3rd at 4000 rpm all the way to the top. This one cruises up the hill in 5th at 100kmph like it's on flat ground. No shortage of power.

I pulled my Alpine head unit and speakers (including amp and 10inch custom sub) out of the Yaris before I traded it in. I was going to put them into the Fiesta. Now I'm not so sure. The sub, maybe, when I get around to it, but no rush. The sound in the Fiesta is very good. Balanced and clear with plenty of volume and bass. 100 times better than the Toyota factory unit, and much better than other cars I've driven. It also has a USB port to plug a thumb drive into. No expensive iPOD required (although there's iPOD connectivity if you want it).

To sum up, I spend about an hour and a half a day in my car. It used to be a chore. Now it is not. This car is pure joy.

P.S. Please don't think I'm hating on the Yaris. I've had mine for 6 years and it's been a very reliable little car. No complaints. I just didn't realise how very BORING is was. Ditto for the Corolla I had the "pleasure" of driving yesterday. I'm glad I didn't buy one.