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2010 Audi A3 Sportback 1.8 TFSI Ltd Ed Review

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When I found this A3, I knew it was time for my upgrade. After having Audi's in the past, I feel right at home in my A3!

I purchased the A3 used at my local Audi Centre with just under 90,000kms and have done 5,000 mostly happy miles in the vehicle. My example was an MY11 1.8TFSI Limited Edition; featuring extras such as Xenon Headlights, Navigation, 18" Alloys, Roof Rails and more over the standard 1.8TFSI Ambition trim.

Since owning, the only major negative has been oil consumption; an issue which Audi is repairing under my warranty and could have been to the previous owners poor servicing at a private mechanic that we believe may have even used the wrong oil. There is also some DSG hesitation at times, and some not so smooth changes but overall the transmission behaves itself well, better than my previous vehicle, a 2008 Jetta 2.0T which had some major DSG problems. When on a spirited drive as well, I have noticed some brake fade when pushing, not something that all owners of the vehicle would do though, and I'm sure could be solved with better/new fluid and pads/rotors. Other than this, Audi parts can be expensive as I know well and I'd love a USB changing input in the vehicle.

Overall though, the positives far outweigh the negative aspects of the car! Performance from the 1.8TFSI paired with the DSG is fantastic, the quality of construction is excellent, has a very dynamic and engaging chassis when pushing, and also balances this with good economy! For a hatchback, it has great interior room, and a boot that swallows bags/work gear with ease! The design and materials haven't aged much at all either, making the A3 still feel very fresh and modern, leaving me with a car that does not feel like it has completed over 90,000kms at all now!

I'd highly recommend an A3 8P to anyone in the market for such a vehicle!