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2009 Volvo Xc60 D5 2.4 Review

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Impressive car. Owned since new and clocked 173500 kms now, mainly inner city driving, the car reliability still impresses me.
Well, compared to previous cars I owned, some since new, others used, I usually get a blown gasket or transmission failure pretty much around 120.000 km mark. Driving this Volvo passed that mark, with bullet proof diesel engine, transmission doing the job, no coolant system issues what so ever, no oil consumption , no major catastrophic repairs, I think 250.000 is achievable, in a good shape.
Updating the performance with polestar upgrade was a good thing to do, I highly recommend it. Acceleration in this 5 cylinder diesel is pleasant. Pretty much from stand still, ignoring a bit of turbo lag, till 55km/hour, you can give other v8s a run for their money. Beyond that speed and you better off in a petrol variant.
Average fuel consumption I get is 9.4l/km with my average speed of 32km/h on the dash.

If you're considering buying one, with this engine 2.4 L D5, Volvo had an issue with the accessory belt tensioner. There was a recall for it and this was replaced at the dealer. Can occasionally make squealing noise even with the recall replacement. This can be adjusted at the Volvo dealer if it occurs.

Considering the last 5-6 years at the IIHS website with XC60 taking the top position for least Personal Injuries, I believe the safety of this brand is a bit above the rest. Please spend few minutes to study these results, it what makes Volvo " unique "compared to the rest.

Collision warning with auto-brake saved me once from a sure collision. If you can find a car fitted with that option please do so.