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2009 Volkswagen Polo Pacific Review

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Has VW built DELIBERATE FAULTS into ECU that are time delayed?

VW has proved it is CROOKED about emissions so what else has it LIED about?

Crash Tests, petrol emissions or BUILT IN ELECTRONIC FAULTS.

They thought they could get away with dodgy emissions software so why not other electronic faults to make $MILLIONS.

I hate my Polo it is so riddled with electronic faults I cant be bothered to list them...are they BUILT IN?

Dont buy VW Audi Skoda Seat as they are gonna cost you big time!!!

I have to write at least two hundred and fifty words for this review but to be honest i am done.....however i will continue on to keep the site happy.

I like the Polo's colour and that is all.

The electric windows failed, the central door locking failed, bits of plastic trim fell off, there is a grinding, scraping type noise coming from the auto box when picking up speed. the throttle body failed and had to be cleaned, the egr valve failed...am i at two hundred and fifty words yet?

No aw well have to keep typing...I hope that no other VW owner has had the trouble I have had. VW can now be written off as a credible automobile maker as they have become so GREEDY they will do ANYTHING to make money from the poor idiots (ME) who buy their so called autos.

Nearly at 250 words so I wont have to bore you for too long now...all the best and thanks for reading.