Owner Review


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The 118TSI Golf really excels itself in its class in many ways. The 1.4 'twincharge' engine packs a solid punch with very quick off the line performance soldiering hard right through to the redline, all this performance whilst returning best in class fuel figures for a petrol variant, many times on highway cruising my average has sat in the 4.8-5.5 range, and overall it's generally around high 6s low 7s per 100 kilometers.

The 1.4 TSI is also a great-sounding engine for its size giving a nice meaty growl under boost rather than sounding buzzy or raucous like other smaller engines.

The interior fit and finish, material used as well as seat comfort and support (with optional sports pack) put vehicles even in larger segments and price brackets to shame and is very well laid out. The standard stereo is very high quality also, very clear and tonnes of bass.

The car's road holding ability with the sports pack 17" wheels is simply outstanding for a car that isn't sports orientated, and the ride quality doesn't suffer too much, but for those who like a nice German ride, I wouldn't suggest ticking the sports pack.

I like the creature comforts that VW doesn't advertise like when raining how the rear wiper will wipe when you select reverse, and that you can lock your car and put your keys in your pocket before all the doors are closed and many others, things like these that can make day to day use of this car easier and more enjoyable.

Unfortunately in my time of ownership I've had two engines replaced, though the car has thankfully never left me stranded and Bill Buckle Volkswagen's customer service is second to none, always willing to help and have assured me the engine problem has been rectified.