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2009 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life Review

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Please save yourself a lot of heart ache and DO NOT BUY a VW.

Very poor build quality means many expensive trips to the dealer - in my case the car has only 80,000 km and has already had the clutch replaced twice, the transmission once and now the seals around the engine are going - leaking oil at gear box and now oil in the coolant. All seen as normal wear and tear by VW.
Absolute rubbish. NEVER AGAIN!

While it is nice to have a seven seater with seven proper seats and three point seat belts, there are better alternatives out there.

The caddy has heaps of space when the back seats are taken out and the middle row folder, but it is quite a saga to remove and reinstall the back seats single handedly.

The car wears front tires at an excessive rate, the best I got out of a set ( including rotation) was 30,000 km. I am on my third set of tires and have tried three different manufactures with no success. The odd sized wheels also make it very difficult to find a dealer that stocks tires that fit the car.

Getting parts for the vehicle is always difficult, with any large parts needing to be trucked from the eastern states or even shipped from Singapore (anyone keen on a three week wait for an essential part?)

VW have lost me as a customer forever. I am warning all my friends not to touch the brand. Unfortunately I learnt the hard way.