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2009 Nissan X-Trail ST (4x4) Review

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Bought a used 2009 X-Trail and am glad that I chose it over the Honda CRV.

Though CRV is better overall package, it lacks any off road capability of the X-Trail (We visit sandy beaches from time to time). My car with the 2.5L petrol engine with auto transmission has given me an average of 12L/100km around the city and 10L/100km on the highway. I have found the CVT transmission to be very smooth and progressive.

It has definitely been a very comfortable car for long drives. We have done 2,000km long drive and had no complaints whatsoever during or after, which is good enough for me.

It has never has let me down so far. The 4x4i really makes a big difference when venturing off road, but don't get too excited about its capabilities!

The rear cargo space and parcel shelf are large and been very handy. The large rear windows have also been great for children.

Servicing has been standard $230 scheduled services with Nissan and a few ware and tear part replacements like brake pad, engine belt etc.

There aren't any drawbacks that concerns me. Few may feel the rear seats could have a sliding function but again there is enough space for knee and space below the front seat to slide your foot in so the slide function isn't needed.

I am looking forward to clocking up more miles and eventually upgrade to a Pathfinder.

A quick warning regarding the diesel option - it's very noisy and have heard complaints about the DPF. The TI model has a beautiful panoramic roof and worth considering when buying a second hand 2.5 Petrol Auto is the engine to go for as the diesel is very noisy at Lower speeds but gets better on highway.