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2009 Nissan Tiida ST Review

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I personality own this vehicle and all the bad reviews are so wrong! I love my baby, its excellent in every way, fuel economy, size, handling, and change the head unit then everything connects. I would 100% recommend the Tiida to P platers, as i am one and i love my baby, everyone i know makes comments about the size of the interior, its huge!

I find it to be very reliable, fits in small spaces, very durable - that is why rental companies use them. Servicing is average priced, some parts can be expensive but easy to handle.

The looks, i don't know why people are saying they are horrible, i love the curves and the fat bum she has.

All the hard things i put my Tiida through she lives on and keeps on surprising me with the way it powers on.

Cruise control is so good in it and i love the automatic transmission, never misses a beat.

Many people say the safety features are low however i have been close to accidents before and the Tiida ensures i stay in control and the seat belt pretensions are sensitive.

My Tiida is silver and she looks good from every angle, i really love my car and the size means i wont need to get another car for a long time.

If you are considering a Tiida, i highly recommend!

Cheap on fuel to, i can easily push 530km out of the 40+ liter tank, i use 95 unleaded.

The Nissan Tiida makes me happy and im glad to own one!