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  • Holds the Road, Fuel Economy, Safety, Looks good
  • Road Noise, CVT Drone

by Smith

A very competent a decent first car. Purchased second hand with 60K on the clock, for just $10500. At that price what you get is great. A solid 5* ancap with 7 airabgs, ESC, ect. Good forward visibility and very good interior space for such a small car. Good Turning circle and most importantly drives well.

Good sound system for just a base spec car and overall I have been very happy with it and would recommend. Cloth feels like cloth, not plastic like you get in some other cars.

Fuel economy with a mix of driving conditions is around 7.5-8.5 L/100km.

Road noise is poor, but that is to be expected in a car of this class. performance is also excellent for a 2L engine, I have never been in a situation where I’ve been wanting more. Gets up to a 100 quickly enough and has brakes good enough to stop when you want to. CVT drone is a bummer, but you can get used to the shiftless nature of it, you never need to wait for a downshift, if you floor it, it just goes. Suspension is good for smaller bumps and I have experienced very little body roll when taking corners at speed.

Looks of the Hatchback are subjective, but I kinda like it, it makes it look different on the road as there aren’t many cars who have this kind of side profile. I prefer it without the spoiler.

Seat goes back far enough, unlike the Mazda 3 where I feel cramped for space. Also, enough space and leg room in the back for adults (a tad squishy, but you can live with it).

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