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2009 Holden Commodore International review

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I am suitably impressed by the stylish and spirited features of the Omega International. Its leather seats and well-appointed instruments provide an executive experience from the moment you land in the driver's seat and turn the key.

Touch the accelerator and the car launches forward not even hesitating as it climbs seamlessly though the gears, attaining a crushing speed if 100kms in no time at all. This vehicle is fun to drive, steady on the road and a credit to the engineering expertise of Holden Australia.

Touring is effortless and economical with fuel economy returning as low as 8.5L/100km. The six-speed gearbox is so smooth you can barely sense the gear changes. This is enhanced when hill climbing as the revs barely fluctuate as it selects appropriate gearing. Step on the accelerator and the car launches into action, shifting back two or three gears and you are physically pushed back in your seat. It's easy to overspend, however, this can be avoided by setting the trip computer to warn you. This computer has a full digital display in the centre of the dash providing comprehensive information including kms until empty, average fuel use, kms travelled and average speed. When not in trip mode it displays the speed in large digital number.

The boot storage is huge and will not disappoint. Other features are too many to list. This car is fun to drive, holds the road like a glove and presents at an executive level. I would highly recommend this vehicle for business use.

Happy motoring. See you out there.