Ford Falcon 2009 xr6
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2009 Ford Falcon XR6 review

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One of the largest, most comfortable cars that will fit grown adults without a care in the world using armchair technology. The driving position is fantastic if a one-handed driver, as both the centre console and door window ledge are beyond ample to rest on.

This car should have only been in the ZF6 and manual version. With 3.73 gears – only the eight-cylinder and turbo received the LSD diff – it still finds good traction with off-the-line power and smooth changes using the stock single drive output.

As the motor has been in the Ford stable since the 1960s, the only thing to do was add some good old technology, with a double overhead cam system creating a modern 2000s engine with both economy and power delivery. These engines – called Barra motors – specifically in the FG, have strengthened conrods and will handle some pretty serious horsepower without the need for a rebuild with forged internals.

Rumours have said that the ZF6 transmission will handle up to 600hp at the motor, but breaking one may send you into bankruptcy.

If looking to purchase, I suggest one mandatory requirement: premium sound. It was an extra from the factory that brings an 8-inch subwoofer that can be replaced and provides additional power in the form of a small amplifier.

General services are cheap, with all auto stores covering your basics of oil, air filter, fluids and spark plugs. So, if you're mechanically minded, you could easily do the small services in between the milestone ones to lower the cash separated from your wallet.

As for the wheels the cars have – alloys are fitted on all XR models, but share a 5x114.3 stud pattern that opens your shopping spectrum to include other manufacturers' wheels like BMW, Toyota, Nissan and Kia, apart from the aftermarket range at the tyre stores.

You may be lucky and snag a nice set of JDM rims off that desperate-to-sell Skyline owner, or simply go up in size and width to improve performance.

Speaking of the performance side, the XR6 Turbo would have to be the best platform to invest in for cheap solid power. YouTube is filled with 1000hp+ at the wheels daily drivers, so it's one to consider if a RWD sedan is what you're looking for.