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2008 Nissan Micra CITY Collection Review

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The epitome of a made in Japan city car. Ultra reliable, easy to service, well built and fun to drive. Ride and handling is very good and the turning circle is amazing.

Tyre wear has been very good and never really needing a wheel alignment since purchased from new in 2008. You just get the feeling this car will last a long time.

It's rare to find too many Japanese cars made in Japan, but this is one of them and the build quality shows in my opinion. The paint quality is excellent and has a deep lustrous finish.

The only major issue for me is some cabin rattles that have developed which I have fixed myself (sort of). NVH is poor but I don't expect too much from an urban car at this price point. If you're in the market for a used one of these... don't hesitate.

I have taken this out on freeways at 110km/h and whilst the engine is spinning away at high revs, the engine seems like it can do it all day. The 4sp auto can only do so much. You will need to turn up the radio as the noise gets up there. Coarse chip roads add their own harmonics to everything else also.

However, if you understand that this car will spend 95% of its days in the burbs and cafes, it's a winner.

Servicing this car is a no brainer with plenty of room around to do the basics yourself or find a good local mechanic to do it for you. Mind you Nissan dealers have not been too expensive. Frankly it's only ever needed an oil change and filter. This is the car you own that never interferes with your life. Treat it well and you get the feeling you will keep it for 20 years.