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2008 Mazda 2 Genki Review

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Oh yes, the Mazda 2. First things first, the model I selected isn't correct, since Finland has completely different versions. As me and my wife needed a second car, we thought it has to be cheap. So, 5000 Euros later, we got the Mazda. And we didn't even drive anything else. It was so good.

The reason I didn't specify a variant, is because Finland has a completely unique trim levels, not to be found anywhere else. For those who are interested, it's the Elegance version. No alloys, drum brakes in the rear, no TCS and no Cruise Control. But I really don't care. I have an A/C, but I don't use it, so they could've left that out as well. But when I drove the Mazda's sister car, the Fiesta, many years prior, the braking feel was horrendous. You would think that when a car has discs in all 4 corners, it would feel great. But no.

There's space in the back for people that are even 2 metres tall. Huge plus. The boot can easily hold all your shopping. How can they make a car that small, without sacrificing interior space? It's awesome.

The Mazda feels so much better. It's simple inside, which is good. And since there's no equipment, there's nothing to go wrong. If there's something I want to complain about, it's the interior. There's no color, at all. It's all just fake silver bits and boring black. So I decided to paint the silver bits. They are now blue, and it gives the interior so much more character. Overall, a brilliant little runabout.

Running costs are extremely low, which is always a plus. Reliability? No issues what so ever, and my car has already done 155,000 kilometres. Just do basic service, oil change and the rest of it, and it'll run forever.

The engine is perky, and moves me around so quickly, I keep being surprised. The gears pop in very nicely, and the feel is just right.