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I purchased this car as a second owner with 37,000km. I was weighing up between this and a VE Commodore SV6. This was better value for money, with kms being low and a more refined engine/gearbox .The car can be a bit thirsty on fuel, but if you watch how you drive you can get it to around 10 litres/100km around town ( my average is about 13.2L/8.6L town/country driving).
The car performs superbly on highways with extremely easy overtaking - it can be a bit worrying at how easy it is to overtake. You also hardly notice the gears changing - it's a very smooth gearbox. I love the layout of the interior - everything is easy to understand and use, especially the Bluetooth system. The speakers could be a bit louder and maybe a little bit more rear legroom would be good. I love that the rear seats can be completely folded down, though, unlike the Commodore counterpart - handy for large items.
The car has had one service at a Ford dealership with a capped price service at 45,000kms. They also fixed the washer/wiper function (no fluids coming out to wash the windscreen - blocked I think?). Overall the car is brilliant, hard to fault. It's a great all-round family car that I would buy new again.