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2008 BMW 3 25i Review

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Have had my MY08 BMW E92 325i a few years now and it's still a treat to drive with the looks to boot. Comfortable, safe and a pleasure to drive from a 10min shopping run to the weekend drive.

The 2.5ltr 160kW engine has enough power as a daily drive and the 6 speed auto/Steptronic is smooth but lively if needed. Not the cheapest car to own or run when it comes to fuel, servicing and repairs, which is a big negative point although, the car still oozes style, comfort and performance, which is a fair trade off.

It handles well and the rear wheel drive is always fun. The car is certainly responsive and intuitive from long straights to tight bends although, it can feel heavy around sharp turns. Factory Run Flats are great to protect from punctures but they're still very expensive compared to standard tyres to replace and the ride is much harder. So many BMW owners tend to change to standard tyres once the RFT are needed to be replaced.

I would have loved if USB connectivity was standard equipment or retrofitting updated LCI model parts was more easily done and affordable; led lights(taillights,interior), iDrive CCC to CiC).

I would recommend the car in most areas with a score of 8 or higher with the only low point being the cost of ownership (service, repairs and running costs) which is something any perspective owner should take into account as even a 10+ year old BMW will still be more expensive to own than when it's compared to many new cars on the market. There is a fast growing market in Australia for BMW servicing that is becoming a bit more affordable, whilst parts are easily accessible if you prefer to do your own work.

Like I said, I still love my e92 like I did from the day I got her, and although it pains my wallet from time to time when service/maintenance arrives, she still makes my heart skip a beat every time I take her out!!!