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2007 Subaru Liberty Review
  • comfortable, smooth gear changing, good fuel economy, handing
  • Fake rear air vents, slow when taking off, below average sound system

by Ben I

Up for review is my 2007 Subaru Liberty 2.5i which I have been the proud owner for nearly 2 years. What attracted to me to this car was not only the price tag, but how luxurious it looked on the outside. Along with its good looks, the liberty has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating along with the DataDot security system. The interior consisted of basic cloth seats blended with leather trimmings and dash just for that touch of luxury. Furthermore, it had some Optional features included such as the touch screen Satellite navigation system, Bluetooth and MP3 compatibility. The touch screen display has some great features such as fuel economy figures, phone contact list , servicing times and dates so you will never be late for a service again. Moreover, my favourite feature by far is the DVD player; simply put on a top gear series and wait until mum has finished shopping. One flaw I discovered with the touch screen display was tuning the sound quality is difficult unless you are some sound tech guru that understand hertz and megahertz. In addition to this, the car manual does not give specific instructions on how to tune this sound system either.

Performance and handling:

The Subaru Liberty has a 4 cylinder naturally aspirated boxer engine with a 5 speed manual transmission, pushing out around 127 kilowatts and can do 0-100 kph in a dismal 9.5 seconds. Despite the lack of power, the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system makes up for the performance by providing superior handling along with a comfortable driving experience. Having older parents, they need to be comfortable while in the car especially when we go on long drives. As much it is painful for them getting into the liberty due to how low it is, they find it very comfortable along with ample of leg room in the back.

Fuel Economy:

It is claimed the Subaru liberty has combined fuel economy of 9L per 100 km, 7L/100km on the highway and 12.4L/100km in the city using 91 octane. Due to suffering from lead foot syndrome in my right foot along with a psychological disorder called road rage, you would think my fuel consumption is high, right? Well, you’re wrong. Using 98 octane, the highest I have got the fuel consumption up to was an average 9.6L/100km doing city driving. My daily commute to and from work is a relatively short drive with hardly any traffic and get an average 8-8.2L/100 km and on the highway I have got it as low as 6.8L/100km, pretty impressive if you ask me.

Durability and reliability:

A good liberty will stand the test of time despite being constantly abused by their owners. Subaru is renowned for being reliable and durable cars; however, there have been some issues regarding the infamous EJ25 engines and the big end bearing failures (Knocking in the engine) in the Subaru liberty. Big end bearing fails occur for many reasons, one of them being due to poor oil lubrication which could mean low oil levels or oil pump is not working. So in future, don’t mention knock-knock jokes to Subaru enthusiasts as it may upset them. As far as regarding my liberty, I have found it to withstand my lead foot syndrome and be very reliable. The only time it has been to a mechanic is for the scheduled maintenance.

Service and maintenance:

On average, a regular service cost around $230 from my local mechanic. The major service has been split them into 2 major services to save owners being out of pocket, costing around $730 each.

If you were to buy a second hand Subaru, what do you look out for and what price?

Subaru liberty 2.5i is holding their value well as average price is around $7,000-$12,000 that has 120,000-200,000 km on the odometer. when inspecting a liberty check the following:

1. Ensure logbook is up-to-date

2. Check VIN number against engine in case the engine may have been replaced.

3. When test driving, notice for any suspicious knocks, screeching or crunching sounds

4. Look in the engine compartment and check fluid levels any noticeable leaks or cracks.

In the future, I would like to see Subaru change the rear end of the liberty so it does not look like a Camry. In addition, I would like to see the manual transmission option as well as having a turbo models too in the next generation of liberty that will get produced.

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2007 Subaru Liberty Review Review
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