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2007 Mercedes-Benz GL 320 CDI Review

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This vehicle has performed exceptionally poorly and has cost my husband and I conservatively over 25,000 in under 5 years not including servicing.

Suspension issues regularly take it to the garage for repairs, severe transmission malfunction in the first year cost over $12,000 to repair due to a computer malfunction and further to this issue, the electronic sensor malfunction has caused numerous breakdowns and resultant damage to parts such as the main shaft as one computer overrode the other!

Unfortunately due to our remote location we have been unable to trade in this vehicle without a huge loss. Mercedes Benz has refused to acknowledge that this car had built in faults that are extremely costly to the owner.

Two months after purchasing the vehicle damage to the transmission occurred due to the first of many electronic malfunctioning but only the parts were covered by warranty as we were told we should not have driven the car when the fault lights were displayed although we were driving the car the 2 hours drive to a garage.

The parking sensors stopped working properly after the vehicle was only 2 years old and the tire wear is so heavy that it is twice as regular as our other high end 4 wheel drive which drives 40% more kms.

Today another regular problem arose as I was driving along a very long straight country highway - huge bouncing and swaying that would last for 10 minutes at a time! Might not happen again for another month or so ......

I am happy to discuss further and persuade anyone to not buy this model as I have encountered others with these same issues.