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When I set out to buy a hot hatch I went through the WRX, XR5, Golf, Megane, Lancer Ralliart, etc.

The Type-R was the only car where a sexy head turning exterior transitioned to the interior too. No other car in this range provided the looks on the inside as well as the outside and this was important to me. The Civic Type-R isn’t the quickest of the bunch '07 the model lacks the LSD, Bluetooth, & USB that comes standard in the '09 model and up but these are things I bolted on/found ways around for a cheaper price after purchasing the car anyway.

The handling is great and the steering is weighted nicely. Gear shifts are smooth and the car LOVES to be revved. You need to work the gears/revs to get the most power out of the car but that's half the fun of driving it :)

Its downside in this department is the Type-R's abysmal suspension setup. You can feel every little bump in the road whilst driving on even the smoothest of roads. This is something I’m used to but when carrying passengers you start to hear the complaints roll in.

The turning circle isn’t the best either but a driver can accommodate this without too much burden.

Passenger comfort in the car is fantastic too. It’s a 4 seater for a reason but when there are 3 adult passengers in the car, space is not a concern. There is heaps of room in the back seats and head room too due to the cars 'big-butt' rear 1/4. This extends to the boot too; again heaps of room for everything and the seats go down to further extend what's possible.

Overall I love it! A fun car to drive and it looks HOT!