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2006 Toyota HiLux SR5 Review

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The high-spec SR5 looks staunch with big roll bars and chrome trim. Mine's in silver. It's a big truck, and handles like a truck! I love the simplicity of my 2006 model. There are no chimes or annoying bells, and the quiet engine is very easy to work on and maintain. I don't like the plastic headlights, but I'll upgrade these to LED soon.

The truck has an excellent firm ride, but it's not very peppy despite its thirsty four-litre V6.

Overall it's a sporty-looking ute, with a nice, curvy look that isn't too bulbous. It retains this style while still remaining quite handy. However, as it's quite high off the ground, visibility may be limited for smaller drivers, so some might need to take that into consideration.

The paint and trim quality is very good and there are no rattles, squeaks or poorly fitting parts. Mine has front nudge bars and a roll bar, but I'm sure they are more cosmetic than practical. Seatbelt pretensioners are fitted which is good, and there are two front air bags. The rear brakes do need to be discs, though (not drum) as this is quite a heavy ute.

The Hilux is very roomy in the rear. There are a lot of handy drink-holders, and there are two power outlets in front to charge phones. The stereo is good, but my 2006 model's unit is a bit old-fashioned now.
I do not recommend a hard cover for the tray as it stops you from carrying a motorbike or furniture in the back. I would suggest a tonneau or something that can be removed. Also remember if you get a canopy you'll never be able to clean the rear window easily.

Overall, the Hilux SR5 is a really nice truck. Mine is ten years old now, and was bought for $18,000. It was priced at $48-grand when new.