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2005 Toyota Yaris Yr Review

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just a great reliable car, starts 365 days a year, good on gas, modern style, well serviced it will run forever nice non polish paint job, smooth ride, ease of steering, reasonable service costs, good backup from local agents toyota. looked for price, reliability, good trade in value.

smooth cruising ride at 90 km a ? hour speed. what else can i say. like headlights to be made of glass, instead of poly-carbon, as any solvent accidentally used as a cleaner, ruins the headlights, and very very expensive to replace. toyota should go back to glass headlights. very good on long trips petrol wise, headlights adequate, but not outstanding, price wise, plenty of compettition with lots of dealers and private people selling.

find japanese imports are a of high quality, but you must be careful on the dealer/importer. make sure you tick all the revelant boxes before buying. this car is 10 years old, and looks and acts like a brand new model. newer model would look better with a all leather trim, and a veneered steerin wheel would look nice.

solid metal wheel trims would be look a lot better, more durable than the plastic ones fitted. maybe a retro look from the past and a facelift on a few points and upgrade will make this car even more popular. servicing is very important with these models, must be adhered too as per manufactures guide lines. all in all, a sound, 4 door practical family car for work or play. upgrade the the motor to 1598 cc, a bit more grunt for the petrol heads. rating 8/10 overall.