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2005 Nissan Pulsar ST-L Review

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Cars are becoming ever more equipped and pricey. And for the teenage buyer, or someone who is looking for a cheap runaround car to buy, brand new isn't all that ideal.

This 2005 Nissan Pulsar was a steal. It may not have the most powerful engine, but the features that come with the car are arguably good.

I bought this car several months ago, and I am learning to drive in it. I plan on keeping it for some time, so it was ideal to search for something that wouldn't age as quickly.

The features that come with the car are; all-electric windows, electric mirrors, one airbag, air-conditioning, central locking, 15-inch alloy rims, a 1.8L 90kW 163Nm i4 engine, 5 speed manual and is front-wheel drive. All of these features work very well (but the same can't be said for central locking and engine) and have amazed me as the driver, while having been given a sense of luxury.

The body is in great condition with the occasional scratches and small dents here and there, but there are no paint chips or fade, and no major damage inside or out. The N16 Plusar still looks like a modern car, and has yet to show age.

The running costs for the car had me surprised. It was very inexpensive for both petrol and registration. As for insurance, it depends on the company you are with. Overall the pricing for running the car is affordable, and won't burn a hole in the pocket of a teen (like myself), or someone looking for a cheap car.

The 5-speed manual is fun, and allows for more control over the car. It gets into gear pretty well and allows for good city and highway driving. The engine does a decent job, but could have used more power, or at least had a bigger engine put in.

The interior looks and feels a little cheap. There are a lot of greys where black would have looked much nicer. Other than that, the seats are comfortable, there is decent legroom and headroom in the back. The drivers seat can be slightly lowered and raised and has the other normal functions. The car comes with a Nissan standard radio and CD player, which works well. All windows work and all electronics work. The air-conditioning works very well and will come in handy for Adelaide summers.

Overall, the Pulsar is a great vehicle for anybody that wants a daily driver, or just a car to use around town. The fuel efficiency is good and the car still fits in the crowd.