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I gave the overall rating a half star because I didn\'t know how to give it a zero. I purchased the car on xmas eve 2005,( First arrivals into Australia ) It has now done 140Km, mainly longer distance, driving between Tweed heads and Brisbane on the highway. Apart from the windscreen washers spraying every which way but the screen, everything went well till 2010, then the starter motor died, following year the passengers central door lock needed replacing ( I was warned now that one door lock has gone, the others will go in turn ) The warning was correct. No2 is on its way out. ( cant afford to get it fixed just yet ) I have just found out that the service organization have 3 other B class with the same door locking problem. On Friday last week I had the cruise control lever replaced. It simply broke off and was left hanging by the wires. The mechanic gave me the broken part I can see the flimsiness of design and quality for myself. I\'m now in the process of having an engine \"whine\' investigated. Possibly gearbox or air-conditioning. Given the \"quality\" reputation of the Mercedes brand, I contacted Mercedes Australia to gauge a response to these major expenses I have had and will seemingly continue to have. Their response is another story in itself, requiring more than 300 words. Finally as this car was a special present for my wife it has been very well looked after and looks like new.