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2005 Audi A8 L 4.2 Quattro Review

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This is my second (pre-used) A8 in six years. Value for money is excellent.

My 2005 model with 34,000 kms two years ago was less than a new Holden Caprice. Reliability is unbeatable providing servicing is kept up to date. Servicing costs are just affordable if you can find a good European car specialists (other than Audi Australia) to service the car.Cost of Audi parts are ridiculous ($960 for headlamp).

This A8 is better to drive than equivalent Benz or even BMW, with the added bonus of 4WD. It accelerates, handles and brakes exceptionally well , with the only reservation being the quality of the ride. I just don't like the larger wheels (285/20/35R).

They look great - simple large nine spoke alloys - but the combination of the low profile tyres and the air suspension, the ride is harsh and jumpy on anything but the smoothest of freeways. They may help handling, but at the expense of the ride. Attention to detail, fit and finish in this model is excellent. Audi have rectified the problem with the hand brake in the previous model. Instead of getting caught up under the armrest, the have changed this to an electric switch on the transmission tunnel. One thing I do miss from the previous model (other than that smooth limo ride) are the solar panels on the sunroof.

Whilst some considered this to be an overrated sales gimmick, it actually did work by automatically activating the air conditioner when the car was parked and thus considerably reducing the cabin temperature on a hot day. Would I buy another A8 when this one turns over 200,000 kms? Audi ? Yes. A8?

Maybe something a bit smaller next time. City parking is not its forte. Too long, and a limited turning circle due to the 4WD.