Holden statesman 2004 v6
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2004 Holden Statesman V6 review

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I think the Statesman is such an underrated car. It's a fantastic car to own. Very spacious, comfortable and reliable. There's a huge amount of rear leg room, but the VQ–VS series are good because they are a bit smaller than the ones that followed, so they're easier to get into tight parking spots.

It's a very smooth and comfortable car to drive, and great for long trips. It's definitely no corner carver, although it's predictable and well balanced, like most Australian cars from the past 20 years. Much better than American and Asian large sedans from the era.

The stereo is good, although I've upgraded the speakers. The air-con works very effectively. It's an easy enough car to see out of as well. Mine is dark blue with tinted windows – I think it's a great-looking car and the design has aged much better than the NF–NL Ford Fairlanes.

The V6 is strong and smooth enough in everyday driving. There's no real need for the V8 in this car, unless you want a better-sounding engine or to tell your friends that you've got the V8. My biggest gripe is probably the auto transmission, as it can be a bit slow to change down when you need power. But the gear ratios are well spaced, and it's quite economical on the highway. I can easily get from Brisbane to Dubbo in one 70L tank.

It's been reliable, and it's a relatively simple car to fix. Most of the fixes were simple ones that didn't cost a fortune to fix such as engine mounts (due to the age and the mileage on the car), but parts for the car are very reasonable and widely available. I will continue to repair this car until it stops going to drive, that's how good it is.

I bought this car many years ago from a dealer, maybe nine years ago. I was in need of another car since my last car had finally become too much and was due for the scrapper. I was immediately drawn in by the price, the condition, the room, along with the faultless service history. It was great value for money and there were plenty of good reviews on this series.

It's a purchase that I do not regret. I highly recommend this car.