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  • Lazy power, space, running costs, towing ability
  • Economy, turning circle, fit and finish

by Alexander Sambuco

The first point I should make is that this car isn’t for everyone.

The reason I bought this car was for its boot space. Being able to load a lot of gear in the back is useful for me. Seating 4-5 people comfortably, as much or more load space as an SUV, better on road handling and cheaper maintenance and insurance than an SUV of a similar age makes this car a better choice for a family with 2-3 children. Of course larger families will need a car with more seats.

The lazy power of the 4.0L straight six is perfect for towing, as well as for overtaking down the highway. The one down side to the low down torque though is how easily you can break traction in the wet, especially with worn tires. Fuel economy can be a little harsh, though, on the highway can match cars of smaller engines. The gearbox could do with another gear or two, as first gear goes to about 95km/h at redline. The 5 speed auto (or manual) would improve economy in the city and on the highway. The 69-litre fuel tank is great as it makes fuel stops less frequent, though they hurt the pocket that little bit more.

The interior is simple. I find it well laid out and easy to use (though steering wheel controls could use back lighting but it doesn’t take long to memorise them). The seating position is very comfortable and I find it a pleasant place to be. The sound system is decent for a factory unit, though at high volume sounds distort. The wind, tyre and engine noises are not intrusive and barely noticeable.

Parking can be tricky due to its length and poor turning circle but you learn where your car is and what spots you can fit into. The view around the car is excellent which helps parking and driving in traffic. Turning around in narrow or even normal width streets will probably have to be done with a 3-point turn.

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