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I have owned this car for 4.5 years. When I was (am still) young and wanted a car with a budget and the factor of BANG FOR YOUR BUCKS.

I read so many car reviews and came out with my still beloved girl - Clio Sport. Hey, it ticked the safety box - ESP (think about it 4.5 years ago standard, not option), 4 star NCAP; standard electronic gadgets (Climate control, Xenon headlights, auto lights, auto wiper), fuel consumption (7.8L/100km city or 5.8L hwy) and its drive (still one of the best hot hatches and the one to give you a grin whenever you turn a corner). At that time, nothing came close in terms of BFYB.

Obviously, I had stories behind it - it is like a girl with a temper. More or less I fixed the electronic gadgets a few times (affairs?). More or less I sent it to the best mechanic I ever dealt with for service/massage (recommended by owners online). Mechanically it was and is quite reliable. Nothing major happened to it.

I gave her my love and she repaid me with joy. I brought it for track days a few times and motorkhanas. Every time I came back with a giggle and satisfaction. So I decided to add the Gordini stripes to make my rare Clio into an extinct species. Just like giving a girl with ribbons or necklaces.

I know it is not the fastest car on the street, but probably it is one of the future classic the infamous French created. I am bonded with her and won't let her go. My dog adores her too. Her spirit and pedigree is passing to the Clio III and coming Clio IV.