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Honda's last iteration of the Integra, the DC5, was loved and loathed when it was released in 2001, with the focus mainly on the Type-R model, which - in Australia - had less power, smaller brakes and wheels than the Japanese version. The base model, on the other hand, was praised for being a simply fun to drive coupe which had the looks deserved of the badge on the boot lid.

With a 2.0L naturally aspirated i-VTEC engine (120kW, 190Nm) and a 5-speed manual 'box, this car isn't the fastest on the road, but it does provide a decent amount of shove in everyday driving situations, as well as the occasional overtake on the motorway. Considering the fact that the engine is now over a decade old, it is still relatively frugal and performs without hassle.

The well laid out interior boasts power windows, electric glass sunroof and leather sports bucket seats in the front. The front seats are well bolstered and reasonably comfortable, albeit a bit flat, and whilst the two rear seats are usable for short trips (the Integra is a 2+2), the inherent lack of leg and head room make for a not-so-comfortable trip for any regular sized adult.

The centre console is slightly tilted towards the driver, and the instruments are clear and easy to decipher. Also, the small, nicely weighted steering wheel allows for quick and easy steering.

Overall, the Honda Integra is a great 3-door coupe that is small (4,374 mm long; 2,570 mm wheelbase) and light (1,266kg) with a bit of sporting flavour from the days when Honda made exciting road cars.