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2003 Honda CR-V (4x4) Sport review

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I have owned many different vehicles since I got my licence at the age of 18. My very first Honda Scamp was a very reliable vehicle that was extra cheap to run and operate, although it was very basic and did not have air-conditioning, power steering or a good sound system.

Now I am 63 and this is the second Honda that I have owned. This model being a full-time 4WD model, I was thinking that I could go off road and up to the snow fields or off the beaten tracks of Victoria, as I have done before in my manual 1996 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0-litre V6 - a car was cheap to run, but the registration was the killer.

So I bought my friend’s mother's 2003 Honda CRV, a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder engine with a 4-speed auto, thinking that it would be cheaper to run and operate. However, it has a very poor fuel economy for a 90-litre tank, and taking it up to the snow fields or off road is something I would not ever again attempt as it was a near disaster.

The technology of this Honda is quite good and it drives like a real full-time 4WD. There is plenty of grunt from that 2.4-litre engine when paired with the 4-speed.

This vehicle has been very reliable, but I think that there are some changes that should have been considered at the time. For instance, perhaps giving it a bigger fuel tank or making it more economical so that it could give drivers more kilometres per full tank.

I think that the sound system on this vehicle is very basic considering that it was the top of the range Luxury Model. The speakers cannot handle being given loud music and the head unit is not the best. CD's will jump and skip when you hit a bump and the four door speakers are very basic.

Other than that, it has been an experience in owning a Honda again, but I do not think that I would buy another one.

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