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1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Review

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the 1995 Mitsubishi lancer cc glxi coupe is a stout little run about with styling that has aged well. it's body lines give off a feel of modern design despite being 20 years old. and with a solid aftermarket support base thanks to it's bigger brother from rally the lancer evolution upgrades are a plenty.

the 1.8l naturally aspirated engine has a healthy yet modest 88kw and can easily see you around town with a petrol sipping 400km/tank approx 10l/100 the tank is a generous 50l however the fuel gauge only show you 40 of those with a 10l reserve tank for when the i am damn thirsty light comes on. the engine is reliable and predictable and with regular servicing will serve you well into the 200 000 km range.

a combination of disk brakes up front and drum in the rear are responsible for bringing you to a stop and abs wasn't an option in this model. servicing costs are low with only minimal general maintenance required the timing belt should be changed at 100 000 km intervals which can be expensive.

on the inside you will find the regular comforts of 1995 air conditioning cloth/vinyl seats and if factory a tape deck (most would be long since changed to a cd unit. the seat while basic are comfortable with base height and angle adjustment on the drivers side. in the center console under the map pocket you will find cup holders and a centrally located glove-box in addition to the std box in-front of the passenger. the lid on the center box is know to break so finding one in good condition is rare. the rear seats are accessed via quick flip forward levers on the front and are upholstery matched to the fronts. with a 60/40 split for access to the boot. the boot is generally sized for a small car and capable of hauling the shopping home or even a couple of wheels. the car does have a full size spare.

the 5 speed manual transmission does however lack the gearing for highway cruising. with engine rotation sitting around 3.5 thousand at 110km/h however the well designed exhaust in these won't have you noticing the engine at all.

a common issue on these vehicle is rust in the roof which stems from mitsubishis use of a water absorbing glue to stop vibrations in the roof if this happens to you and it goes through the skin it's game over for that roof. this issue was the subject of a vehicle recall for this model.

overall for a cheap small car of the mid 90's the lancer has proven to be a reliable and handy survivor. with good styling that has not seen it look like an old vehicle on the roads today.

as a first car it makes an excellent and forgiving car that can appeal to both the boys and girls alike. it's sporty yet understated and with the access to the rear seats limited their friends will likly not wish to ride back there limiting the pressures of friends in the vehicle.