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1994 Ford LASER Review

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The 1994 Ford Laser KH GL is perfect for a first car, with its economic engine and roomy interior it is hard to beat !

Yes, this car does only have a 1.6L Carby engine which punches out 64kW of power which will get you to 0-100 in 12 seconds ( so no burnout/skids) , but will get around 8.5 L/100 km in city traffic and 6.5 L/100 km on the highway from its 55L tank. The manuals are fun to drive with a nice gearbox and close gear ratio!

If you are looking for an ecobox with roomy interior it is impossible to go past this car, seats 5 comfortably with a huge boot accompanied by a 20/80 split folding rear seats gives it a "van mode".

" It fits 5 people comfortably and has a huge boot, won't it be hard to park in the city?" No. This car is amazing to park in the city, it has an amazing turning circle and can fit into any park known ( as long as the biscuit head's haven't parked over the lines ).

Technology... Well there isn't much, you get a cluster with no taco, you get a funky green digital clock, and standard is a hipster loving cassette player although 95% of them have been swapped CD player ( strangely mine wasn't when i first got it) you have wind down windows, knobs and leavers to adjust heating and aircon options, and an "eco" button which does nothing to the manual. That's about it. Oh and safety equipment? None, you get seat belts and a steering wheel that's it.

These days you can pick up a GL Laser for around $2,000 with a road worthy and rego with around 200,000km, with most parts being pretty cheap to fix and easy to come by considering this underneath it all is a Mazda 323 as well as being the best sold small car of its year. Servicing is fairly cheap to and for people who love to work at home on their cars they are easy to work on also with no plastic covers !

The lasers ride and handling is surprising for what it is, it seems happy when you throw it into corners fast, although could be a bit more responsive, the GL model has power steering as an option and luckily mine has it because with out it , well... boy oh boy i drove one once and felt like i was driving a Boeing 747 !

Overall, this car is a great all rounder with minor set backs, and up to today's standard it is behind in technology, there is no safety equipment such as ABS or SRS airbags, but there is a saying " No airbags - we die like real men"