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1983 Holden Commodore SL/e Review
  • Sound when it comes to life, Comfort of the interior, Durability, Uniqueness, Cheap servicing
  • Fuel consumption

by Ez

This is a car for an enthusiast. A lover of anything with presence. And, someone with the desire to frequent the servo, regularly.

The interior of this vehicle would rival the opulence usually associated with a sheiks luxurious jaunt through the desert on a clear Arabian night. The velour seats are soft (much like a lounge suite), don’t really offer much support and become incredibly hot when driving in summer. However, again I use the word ‘presence’, because these seats work with this car and I could not imagine enjoying this car as much with any other bum bolster installed. The claret red interior is unique, very unique, and everywhere. The seats are claret velour, the dash is claret, the console is claret, the roof is claret, the doors are claret……. But, again, it works.
My only quip, the pedals are offset slightly which creates some problems for tallish people who drive autos with two feet. But alas, it is but a small quip and knee replacements later in life are worth it just to drive this car.

The exterior of this car, to me, is synonymous to the last days of the unique two tone. Mercury silver with a claret top half, something you won’t find standard on any affordable family vehicle today. And, once again I use the word ‘presence’, because that is exactly what this, now unique, paint job brings to the road. The understated bodywork with its noticeable lack of fibreglass and plastic bits hanging off the bumper, boot or side of the vehicle allow the unusual factory paint job to work its magic.

Finally, the vehicle roars to life. I have driven many modern large output vehicles over the years and, apart from perhaps the VFII SS, nothing comes close to that beautiful roar when this car comes alive. This vehicle has a kw output closer to a Mazda 3 than a modern V8 yet it is the unrestricted nature of the car, a benefit of its age, that enhances the soul satisfying feeling that comes from driving. And fuel consumption, who cares! It uses a lot, but you forget about all that as soon as you get a km down the road. And, the trimatic gearbox, well it works. For an engaging driver I am sure this would be a sore point but, for someone like me who simply wants to enjoy the vehicle, it is fine

This car is like driving a dream for any enthusiast. Any other person, who sees a car as simply a mode of transport and nothing more, won’t particularly enjoy owning this car. But, I love it and wouldn’t part with it for the world.

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1983 Holden Commodore SL/e Review Review
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