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1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT Review

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Having owned several Alfettas, For their time they were great cars, Ok Rust, rust and rust , electrical quirks aside the performance and economy for their time was amazing, wet weather handling wasn't a forte and constantly adjusting the handbrake and rear pads was a pain. The air con was iffy at best, but the rewards or driving were worth it.

I never bought a new one but all of the 4 or 5 I had owned had all done over 200,000 ks. You had to maintain them though, you needed to check the oil and water weekly, and the fuel tank was way too small the cars touring abilities.

The Afetta GT I had was a work in progress that was always gonna ..... but I drove it until I could afford a new car. The centre strut for the parcel shelf was stupid limiting any large items being carried. But apart from that for a single guy it was ok, and everyone admired it whether it was running or being "maintained" hahaha.

I did 95% of the servicing myself I discovered that BMW M10/20 Oil filters fitted much more easily than the huge standard Alfa item and the plugs were easy too change , Cam problem and no power steering was needed as the tiller was perfect, I always wanted a Alfa 75 V6 but it never eventuated. I decided a new car was better for my health after 15years of Alfettas , I can't say I totally regretted owning any of them!