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1974 Land Rover (4x4) Review

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So your wondering from the feature review why anyone would buy this 4x4. It is because this is the original SUV before SUV's where a thing. You get a drivers seat and that is it, not even a stereo. Its made to drive and nothing else. The interior is utilitarian and in a way snug, its made for work and fowl play.

Land Rover back then was part of the leyland corp, and was the number one selling 4wd vehicle on the market. Mainly due to lack of competition. In the 70's there was a parts shortage, so many where pushed aside, for the new Toyota market that was set to boom. However if you did continue to support land rover you would have been seen as rather brave and strong due to the ruff nature as they aged and mechanical issues that spelled danger on motorways.

This Ute variant was restored by myself and due to the age of the vehicle its age had led to many surprises. But also the stereotypical abuse and neglect problems that they develop in Australia due to being used as farm transport and work cars for so long.

Things to look out for, are everything ! Where possible test drive the car, you will know what is wrong. Although the panels are aluminum look for rust in the foot wells, chassis, and firewall. Look for moss as they leak badly too, often right through the dash. If the car is not running assume everything is broken needing a check over before becoming roadworthy again if at all possible.

These days all series vehicles are regarded as classics, and owning one is all about the Leyland mechanical misadventure, and reliving the days of brave strong men taking expeditions and adventures in the outback.